I don't mix or add any effects to the basslines I send you. That being said, some of this info may assist you in your mixing.

Not only have I worked with many successful producers in different genres, I also have spent a lot of time with them during mixdown and learning different techniques.

A few things to know are most great bass tracks are recorded very simply. Many are DI'd through a preamp or into the console. Others are mic'd cabinets. I prefer DI for the clean tone and the fact that there will be no phasing.

Many times a high pass and low pass filter can do wonders. Set your high pass so the bass does not clash with the kick. In hip hop, if your 808 carries the lows, you would want the bass to be more dominant in the 100-250 range. Set your low pass to cut off everything above 8-9k roughly. Use your ears.

My bass reacts very well to a small boost between 800-2k. This gives it more presence.

Another trick to do is to distort the bass. Use a tube plugin and make it sound dirty. In the mix if done correctly, it will not be very noticeable  but the bass will be more audible on small speakers. The James Jamerson motown tone was done by plugging his bass directly into the console and overdriving it there. 

Finally, compress. Set the attack fast to tame and dull the tone, or open it up slowly by pulling back the attack until the tone is how you want it. An easy way to do this is to set the threshold very high so you can hear what the compressor is doing. I like a fast release and an attack dialed in using this technique.

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